Wednesday, October 17, 2007

hello people, how are you all doing as for me I am okay I guess, I felt sick last night probably because of the biko I ate yaks!Anyway, I fell asleep and I started puking and daddy has to pick me up and clean my mess! I love my daddy!!!

Mommy and I have been going places! Hello obviously she don't have a choice and neither do I! I am only 2 & 3/4! And speaking about ages, We went to the grocery store and I told my mom what my birthday cake would look like!I want the Disney princess all around it! And of course it will be a Chocolate cake hello!!! Who wouldn't like Chocolate??
Anyway,Last week I went hopping around with my Mom , Shirley and Ofel. We ate @ Holmes park and then hop around again!! ughh all those hopping made my head spin!

Anyway, i had to go and get ready my brothers have to be in school in an hour and i have no choice but to get ready i can't be here by myself! Anyway, thanks for dropping by see yah!!!mwah!